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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re here to help make sure you understand everything about our products before and after you purchase.


Do the windows come with a screen?

Yes, we roll our screen into the outside face of our frames using a standard spline system.  This will give you a full width and height screen opening.

Can my windows be made without screens?

Yes. Just let us know you do not want screens and we can adjust your quote.

Are the windows made of glass or plastic?

Neither, Amazing EZ-Screen windows are made with extruded aluminum framing and a 10-mil elastic vinyl glazing that provides protection to the outdoor elements. If the vinyl is distorted, the vinyl will relax and come back to its original form without leaving a creasing mark.

Are your windows thermally insulated?

No, we do not offer an insulated window like you have in your home. Our units are intended for a screen porch. A simple screen porch will provide a homeowner located in the upper Midwest 100 days of use per year; we will provide you with over 300 days of use. This is what we call a three and a half season porch.

What are the different frame color choices? Do the different frame colors cost more?

Our frames are available in three colors: white, beige, and bronze.  There is no additional charge based on the color.

Do Amazing EZ-Screen Porch Windows come in standard sizes?

All of our windows are custom manufactured down to an 1/8th of an inch. They can be manufactured up to a maximum of 54″ wide by 113″ high; down to a minimum of 13″ wide by 24″ high.  We are able to manufacture trapezoid and transom windows.  Our storm doors come in standard sizes: 30′ x 32″ and 36″ x 80”. We can also manufacture custom size screen door.

What is the depth of the Window? How wide is the flange on the window?


Our windows set in 2” from the outside face of the post and we have a 1” flange.


What is covered in the warranty?

The warranty covers the Aluminum Frame, Vinyl Glazing and Screen and Moving Parts.

Please refer to our Warranty Certificate for more information.


Can I install the windows myself?

Our windows are truly a DIY product. The units arrive to your location numbered according your numbered opening. Mounting the units from the outside, you apply caulking then insert the unit into the opening. Lastly, you will put a screw threw the 1” installation flange on all four sides to secure the unit in place.

Please watch our installation video on our web site.

What is used to install the windows?

You will need a screw gun with a #8 square bit, caulk and caulking gun, level and tape measure. We offer ¾” self-tapping and 1 ½” screws that are color matched to the frame.

Please watch our installation video on our web site.

Do you handle installations in the Minneapolis area?

We do not personally handle installation. We can refer you to local builders that have experience with our product and will ensure proper operation of the units.


After I place my order, how long does it take to get my Amazing EZ-Screen Porch windows?

They are shipped directly to your home within 4-5 weeks — delivered and ready to be installed right out of the box.



What happens if a piece of vinyl gets cut?

Our vinyl is rolled into the vent frame just like screen. We offer a simple repair kit that can be sent directly to your home. The kit will consist of a large sheet of vinyl and new spline, which is used to secure the vinyl into the frame (we also include instructions). It is an easy process and should take less than 15 mins.

Do you have a storefront location near me?

We are based in Minneapolis, MN. We ship our product throughout the United States and Canada. We do have a showroom here in our Minnesota location. Plus, we attend a number of home remodeling and construction shows throughout the country.

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